Colorful LED Light Musical Fountain Outdoor Dry Floor Matrix Fountain

Matrix fountain is a kind of floor fountain. It is also common in our life but it is very different from other fountain. If you want to know about matrix fountain, then don't worry, the following is a detailed introduction to the performance characteristics of the matrix fountain.


The matrix fountain adopts the energy consumption braking method, and the DC power is fed into the stator to generate braking torque for braking. And the torque can be zero when the speed is zero, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate stop. Since the connecting rod of the rocking mechanism generally has a large gap, in order to achieve accurate positioning, the rocking mechanism can only reach the positioning point from one direction to ensure its repeatability. The motion torque is determined by the power supply voltage of the motor and the motion speed before stopping, etc., while the resistance torque is synthesized by the friction force of the rocking mechanism, the speed of the water flow, and the surrounding wind force.


Using a linked list to represent data requires too many pointer concepts. Although pointers represent addresses, in fact, it is easy to cause confusion in programming. The main advantage of matrix fountain is that memory storage is indefinite and continuous, and it reflects fast data insertion and deletion. Hardware resource consumption is small, suitable for storing large amounts of information and reflecting quickly. At the same time, linked lists and arrays are in-memory data structures, while databases are external-memory data structures. Databases are easy to program in operation, without too many concepts involving pointers. Data storage is continuous, and the recorded addresses are automatically performed by the database management system. Of course, it is easy to understand. The main disadvantage is that records are deleted and inserted, and subsequent records must be re-stored, which will inevitably consume resources and have a waiting time for the system, depending on the specific situation. However, at present, the performance of hardware resources is high, and there's not as much information as there is in theory.


The water shape of the matrix fountain focuses on the static and dynamic combination of the water shape. When the computer program control system is turned on, the beautiful water feature is displayed in front of the tourists. It is a new type of product in matrix fountain modeling, and it is also the wisdom of waterscape designers. It is a high-tech product that integrates technology and art. The overall water spray is highly dynamic, magnificent and magnificent. The water pattern changes endlessly and is exciting. It plays a finishing touch to the entire matrix fountain, making people feel ethereal and ethereal. It is also the main landscape that reflects the high-grade characteristics of the matrix fountain.

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Post time: Mar-21-2022