Musical Fountain in the Lake Outdoor Beautiful Decoration Cheap Price

Musical water fountain located in the sea, lake and river.(sea fountain/ lake fountain/ river fountain)
We combined the musical fountain with modern laser projection technology and digital imaging technology. And successfully completed many outstanding fountain projects and water show performances.

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The musical fountain in the lake refers to the musical fountain built in the artificial lake or the natural lake. Due to the open waters in the lake area and the prerequisites for building a large-scale musical fountain, the creativity and design of the fountain will not be too limited due to site factors. Many representative and well-known large-scale musical fountains are built in the lake.

The construction of a musical fountain in the lake needs to consider the following factors

1. The size of the lake area should be coordinated with the size of the musical fountain. It is not good if it is too large or too small.
2. Different lake depths require different installation methods. The lake water is shallow, and the installation pattern of the base can be fixed to reduce the construction cost. The lake is deep, and a floating installation method is required. However, this installation method is relatively technically difficult and requires a professional fountain company to carry out the construction operation. Our company has a professional construction process and rich successful experience in this regard.
3. Whether the water level in the lake area is relatively stable, the wind speed on the lake surface is usually several levels, and how the musical fountain integrates with the surrounding environment, etc. These issues are closely related to the final presentation effect of the fountain.

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Is it expensive to build a digital water curtain landscape fountain?

1. We supply fountain equipment with high quality factory price.
2. We can design a digital water curtain fountain solution that suits you according to your budget.
3. We have certain preferential policies for customers who cooperate with us for the first time. Welcome to consult us.

Why choose us to built digital water curtain?

1. We are a professional fountain company with relevant qualifications and a number of patent certificates.
2. Rich experience in design and construction, and many successful projects (contact us for more info about project).
3. We have an excellent design and construction team, which can efficiently construct quality projects.
4. We can provide competitive and reasonable factory prices, as well as good after-sales service.


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