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Neijiang Longxin Fountain Factory is an authoritative, professional, and advanced enterprise with registered capital of USD 5.3 million. Neijiang Longxin Fountain Factory has more than 20 years of experience in the fountain industry. We are the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter that manufacture different types of fountain.

As an international fountain design and construction enterprise, we have advanced technology and a high-quality construction team, including a number of senior engineers, graphic and 3D animation designers.


Company Location

We dedicate in fountain design, installation, debugging, manufacture, upgrading and reconstruction, etc. On top of that, we have a wide range of fountain parts including sorts of fountain nozzles, LED fountain lights, fountain pump, control software and more.

Our company has independently developed the "water dance" music fountain control system specialized software that combines the computer and music fountain perfectly to enhance the impression of view.

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In 2010, we utilized music signal to control and adjust the motor speed of the water pump for the first time in China so that the fountain water changes synchronously and smoothly with the rhythm of music. The invention has many advantages, such as simple structure, convenient control, high reliability, good synchronization, low power consumption, and low cost, which is considered as the most important scientific and technological achievement of music fountain.

In 2012, DMX512LED light source was applied to music fountain for the first time. We put it into use in the music fountain project of Jintang County, which achieved great success. The project was praised by construction party and the technical achievement was widely promoted in the industry.



Over the years, we have undertaken a large number of program control color music fountains, CNC fountain engineering design and production installation. The business covers rivers, lakes, city squares, garden, park, indoor and outdoor fountains. The products include music water dancing fountains, laser show, water curtain show, fire dance show, 100 meters high spray, floating music water dance fountain, ups and downs fountain, etc. We have the first-class design development and installation team. After years of development, we have accumulated rich experience, contributing to the beautification of urban construction, and attracts attention from peers.

Core Ideas

At present, our company has completed the design and construction of more than 100 large-scale digital music fountain projects, including over 30 municipal projects, 25 projects of commercial real estate, over 20 projects of theme parks, as well as a number of artificial lake projects and square projects. For each project, our engineers will carry out competitive and creative design, seriously consider the site environment, and fully meet the needs of the owners or the market.