Why choose Longxin Fountain?

Fountain is a higher form of expression of "water art" in today's world. Fountain is painting, the spirit of the times and high-tech combined elegant cultural artworks. Fountain can not only purify the air, beautify the environment, but also improve people's quality of life. Music fountain can play an active role in displaying the style of the times, promoting the national spirit, highlighting the cultural atmosphere, improving the taste of the city, beautifying the environment, and developing tourism resources.


Longxin Fountain has brought together a large number of professionals in the fountain industry, including design experts who have designed many domestic music fountain projects; automatic control experts and fountain programming experts who have been engaged in music fountain for more than ten years. Professional talents, innovative design concepts, high-grade artistic conception, sophisticated construction technology, and modern enterprise management mode are the guarantee for our company to obtain excellent projects.


Integrity is the image of the enterprise, talents are the blood of the enterprise, technology is the driving force of the enterprise, and management is the foundation of the enterprise. Longxin Fountain abides by commercial norms, implements modern economic concepts, meticulous design, professional construction, and sincere service, continues to provide customers with satisfactory products and services, and contributes more beautiful and fashionable fountain landscapes to beautify the social environment.


Neijiang Longxin Fountain Factory is a fountain company that focuses on innovative design and quality details. Longxin Fountain is a waterscape enterprise is committed to musical fountain design and fountain construction. The company has developed high-quality musical water fountain, water screen movie, fire fountain, laser show and other series of products. Longxin Fountain has become a member of the China Fountain Landscape Association, and has won unanimous praise from both inside and outside the industry. The company is based in Sichuan and serves the world.

If you have any questions about musical fountain, musical fountain design, fountain construction, fountain installation, fountain project, water screen movie, etc., please feel free to consult Longxin Fountain.

Post time: Mar-21-2022